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United States
The name's Peter! I specialize in transformation stories! (…)

The topic? Fictional characters! I do heavy research on whoever you have in mind, and I always play by the rules (except 34!). Being the last TF/TG writer you'd call a "fetishist", I work to keep my stories as wholesome, but inventive and detailed as possible.

And if you want a story written…
:iconrequestsonhold: :icontradesask: :iconpointcommissionsopen: :icongiftsfriendsonly: :iconnocollabs:

Symbol Legend
✐: entered the writing process
✓: commission paid for; other half of trade finished
✗: commission not paid for yet; other half of trade not finished yet
small text: item subject to change

Working On (1C, 1T, 2R)
:iconbumper3241: ✐ Monica TF/TG/AR
:iconr1s30fth3d4rkm00n: Cynthia TF/TG for Lip TF/TG/AR

Commissions (20 Points Each)
:iconklonoahedgehog: ✓ Tempo TF/TG
:iconpalette-the-painter: ✗ Ari (Speedy Ninja) TF/TG
:iconyougotbloodonmysuit: ✗ Pixie (SMT) TF/TG
:iconklonoahedgehog: ✓ Chun Li TF/TG
:iconzohaku: ✗ Selkie TF/TG
:iconyumonstudios: ✓ Robin TF/TG
:iconzekrom734: ✓ Sheluke TF
:icondylan613: ✓ Roll Caskett TF/TG/AR

:iconssupersonic12:Morton TF for Vivian TF/TG
:iconlucaro-dragonute: ✗ Lucario TF for Espeon TF
:iconmelkorios: ✗ Morrigan TF/TG for Toon Zelda TF/TG
:icondylan613: ✓ Megaman X TF/TG for Ciel TF/TG
:iconkaiza-c: ✗ Tamamo-no-Mae TF/TG/MC for Linkle TF/TG
:iconsparkbolt3020: ✗ Popplio TF for Rockruff TF
:iconklonoahedgehog: ✗ Katie & Inaho TF/TG/AR for Princess Lana TF/TG

Requests (Wave III)
:icondylan613: King of Sorrow TF
:iconklonoahedgehog: Trucy Wright TF/TG
:icondothackeryggdrasil: Hibiki Kuze TF/TG
:iconkiothinan: Batgirl TF/TG

Requests (Wave IV)
:icondannystar64: Nayru TF/TG
:icondannystar64: Mona (WarioWare) TF/TG
:iconklonoahedgehog: Meddy TF/TG
:iconmegamanmaster64: Selvaria Bles TF/TG
:iconedgehead011: Valerie TF/TG
:icondylan613: Jaden Yuki TF/TG
:iconarceefan16: Megaman.EXE TF/TG
:iconiluvwinxandrandycunn: Glyde TF/TG/AP
:icondothackeryggdrasil: Takumi TF/TG
:iconjustinanddennnis: Hot Dog TF
:iconosprey-hawk: Goldie Pheasant TF/TG
Anonymous Icon by NightmareHeaven Mitsuru & Yukari TF/TG
:iconcalvinandhobbespwns: Terra TF/TG
:iconzakando: Grune TF/TG/AP

Requests (Wave V)
:icondragonball4evermore: Lilith (Astral Dragon) TF/TG
:iconmegamanmaster64: Camilla TF/TG
:icondylan613: Mii Gunner TF/TG
:icontmk0009: Luvbi TF/TG
:icondannystar64: Princess Styla TF/TG
:iconr1s30fth3d4rkm00n: Saria TF/TG/AR
:iconpokemorphomega: Hilda TF/TG
Anonymous Icon by NightmareHeaven Rouge (Power Stone) TF/TG/AP
:iconsonicpal: Ty TF/TG
:icondynnon: Rozalin TF/TG

Personal Projects
Barbara the Bat TF/TG
Black Cat Gang TF/TG/AR
Lizzy (The Miskatonic) TF/TG
Fairy Legendary Pokémon TFs (7)

Call (Mighty No. 9) TF/TG/AR
Linkle TF/TG
Anju & Kafei TF/TG/AR
Temmie TF/TG
Dixie Kong TF/TG
Starlow TF/TG
Agitha TF/TG

Jigglypuff TF/TG
Ashley TF/TG
Shantae TF/TG
Freedom Planet TF/TG

My policies:
1. Watch for Watch! Get a free watch by watching me!
2. There can be up to 10 requests in each wave (starting with V) and the maximum wave count is three.
3. Just because I accept your request doesn't guarantee I won't change my mind in the future!
4. It doesn't matter if I'm not familiar with the source material, as long as the story isn't too long!
5. I will use the same character no more than twice, and only if one of the stories is a Mass TF and/or has a different character design.
6. I will gladly make a part two, or three, or whatever to a story, but every part needs a separate transformation.
7. Trades and Commissions give you a boost in priority only. They will not let you bypass any rules, and will not guarantee your story is better than everyone else's.

Remember, I ONLY do TFs into fictional characters. They may or may not contain:
TG (Transgender), which is preferred
AR/AP (Age Regression/Progression)
MC (Mind Control), if partial
Multiple TFs (up to 4)
Human OCs into Characters

Standalone TG, AR/AP, etc.
Mind Wipe (or whatever you call it)
Normal Animals/Anthros or Mythicals
Real People (celebrities, generics)
TG-less Humanoid to Humanoid (usually)
Character to Character
Characters I've already done
Modified Characters (non-canon redesigns)
"Caption This" and related stories
TFs into OCs
Mature Content
Fetish. NO FETISH!

Wanna follow me elsewhere?

Wii U Username: CrazyKidsFilms
3DS Friend Code: 1633-4209-4165
Steam Username: CrazyNaut
Skype Username: CrazyNautDA

Stay smart, stay safe, and stay human!
Heyo, it's CrazyNaut again with another welcoming to the newest members of the community! Glad it's only been two months since the last one, it's always nice seeing new faces!

Its also nice that this time we finally have a new artist to welcome with a story writer! This is the sixth welcome center, and if I remember correctly we haven't had an artist since the second! But enough about that, let's talk about the new faces!

:iconzanytffan: ZanyTfFan Zany here, despite how many new writers we've shown before, still shows plenty of promise! For a deviant of merely four weeks, he's sure proved his worth fast with stories of great detail and quality! At the moment, his main works seem to revolve around fictional creatures, Pokémon in this case, although he is still writing the standard human-to-human stuff. I really think he's worth checking out, because so far he doesn't plan on writing anything without ambition, even when he comments!
:iconlenerdthefox: LenerdTheFox Okay… "new face" might be a stretch to an active artist and TF roleplayer of 2 years, but as a TF artist he's started just about an hour ago! He's starting out pretty strong with a Krystal TF/TG, which isn't the most detailed art, but much like Zany it shows a ton of future potential! Plus he's also already proved his worth in terms of art in the past, so it only makes me more excited for what he plans next! (BTW, it's nice that we have a digital artist instead of traditional for once)

You know what comes out of my keyboard next: give them a look, see what you think, give them a warm welcome! And yes, I'm sure they'll also make wonderful friends!

So thanks once more for giving my welcome and their work a good look, and as always, stay smart, stay safe, and stay human!
“If there's a secret to the longevity of Nintendo franchises, it is transformation.”
-Reggie Fils-Aimé, 2015

Now, for context, this RP is based off of a TF series of mine:

And with all these rumors about the NX suddenly popping up, I figured now was the best time to put this out!

(Not that we’ll learn anything about it this year, but… I digress.)

Now, to summarize the series, the Nintendo NX is out! Nintendo promises it's the future of gaming, which goes in line with their transformation theme quite nicely!

Maybe a bit too nicely, though… see, because Nintendo is Nintendo, also decided to play a little too futuristic and innovative and included a new feature that adds physical transformation of the gamer into one of the characters of the game.

Of course, the transformation feature is built into almost every game in some way, be it a setting, an unlockable, or via a peripheral. Of course there's a way to turn it off, but because Nintendo is Nintendo, it's activated by default!

Thankfully, though, Nintendo doesn't go too hard with it. All transformed body data is stored within the system like amiibo to prevent permanent changes, and mental changes are kept to a strict limit (although that could also be accounted to hardware limitations).

But of course we have no knowledge of any of this. Why would we? We're just a couple of gamers excited to play Nintendo’s new console! After all, with such a huge and intrigued install base, it's got such a vast library of games that almost every video game company out there is contributing something to! A new Sonic Adventure game, the first console Touhou game, you name it!

Of course, were quite shocked when we find out just what makes the system special.

At least, that depends on which console version you got.

Prompt 1: Basic Bundle

The cheapest model, and the one with the least functionality. Being the least expensive to make means that transformations are much less manageable, in that they're set to a time limit (3-7 days) instead of being able to be reversed at any time. So… basically, we're stuck as the characters for a while.

Prompt 2: Digital Deluxe

Ah, the one that comes in black. With more of a budget, this model allows us to, as expected, reverse the changes at any time. With this new feature, we’re now able to transform into a variety of characters in one gaming session, or stick to one each without 24-hour limits! Nothing's stopping us, after all!

Prompt 3: New Nintendo NX

So… Nintendo made a newer one. In addition to its better CPU, this model plans to immerse you in the game more, much like the New 3DS’s face trackers. Except instead of a camera built in, this model allows for games to, well, transport transformed users into the games themselves. And again, it's activated by default! What do we do? How do we escape? Who knows?

Prompt 4: Nintendo MH

For anyone unaware, this is basically the codename for the successor to the 3DS. Feel free to base it off of whatever NX model you see above, just with the added benefit of being completely portable! Even if it's a rough pocket fit!

And now, it's time to set the rules up:

  1. Feel free to go solo, but I'd be very happy to jump in!
  2. You're only guaranteed the following side effects: TG, AR, and AP.
  3. As for the game library, anything goes as long as the publisher/developer isn't directly competing (Sony, Microsoft, Valve, etc.).
  4. Also, no Super Smash Bros. I've got a whole separate RP for that, and you'll get a lot more freedom in it anyways:
  5. While Nintendo makes sure to keep permanent stuff off-limits, that doesn't stop the power from going out!
  6. Finally, that thing to verify you've read everything and are ready to begin:

Quote a memorable Nintendo @ E3 quote (that isn't the one in this journal).
Heyo, CrazyNaut here with another welcoming to the community! At least I have something to brag about in the current story drought…

But lets cut to the chase! Once again, the two deviants I have with me are two promising story writers in the community! And I'd never like to miss a deviant of their quality!

(Okay, so I missed Tech, but I hate doing this with only one deviant and by now it's too late…)

:iconshadowlink95: shadowlink95 Lets start with something a little unconventional! This guy, I'll admit, isn't too new to the TF scene, since he's had a traditional TF back in 2013, but nothing else until now! I must say, even though his only other works fall under one series, Spells R Us (which Id rather not spoil), it's definitely one I think is worth a visit to his page to check out! He may not be what you'd normally think when you think of a TF writer, but I think that on its own is enough to warrant a seal of originality.
:iconsmithersonsmith: smithersonsmith And now for someone who has been qualified less than an hour ago! After 3 years of simple viewing, this guy came onto the scene with a simple RP before finally giving transformation writing a try. And he shows a lot of promise, with his first story being a well-written (unintentional) quickie that I had the honor to proofread. And even if the kind of story is just as you'd expect, you can never have too many writers like those! So give him your support, because his story and roleplaying skills are clear signs that what he writes can only improve from here!

As you can see, they're hard to explain. I'm sorry, but it's late, okay?

Anyways, I really can't wait to see where both of them go from here! So I give both new writers a warm welcome! And of course, give them an honest look!

(Oh yeah, and they'll make great friends as well!)

So thanks for visiting the welcome center, thanks for viewing us all, thanks for watching the newblings, and as always, stay smart, stay safe, and stay human!
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Sorry I've been inactive lately, I've been spending the past two days trying to make mods work

At least I succeeded

Filename by CrazyNaut

I'm a modder now. Banana Slamma.
So I was looking online for good video game music remixes

What the **** did I just listen to
Wait, what if Ness's second custom down-special (pulls opponents in and bursts when released) were his default down-special?

Two days later and I'm still laughing my ass off at that Sonic livestream. Such a glorious disaster.

"Do you like our memes?"
Won't have a whole lot of time to write in the coming week… I'll be attending a college program for half of the day. Hopefully things return to normal on the 28th!

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CrazyNaut Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Hmm… no thanks, he just doesn't look like a character I'd be interested in.
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I can't help but notice that a lot of the comments on the NX RP you did a while back have just vanished.

Sad i wanted to reread some old RP's i did.
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Yeah… I noticed too. I was gonna contact the staff about it.
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Yes, they're still on the table.
Klonoahedgehog Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Alright, thanks. I was wondering because i wanted to ask for one, although i already have a few stories on the schedule so i should probably wait till you've done one of my requests/commissions.

Still i'm kind of nervous because i feel like someone would steal my idea before i can ask it.
CrazyNaut Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
And I don't think I'd have more than 3 commission's at once for one person… though we could make it a trade.
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